Managed IT Services in Minnehaha, WA

If you’re looking for a team of IT experts to oversee your IT network and handle everything tech-related within your business, look no further than Securus Systems. We specialize in offering extensive managed IT services in Minnehaha. Our strength lies in delivering customized and resilient IT support, with our team of experts available 24/7 to offer technical assistance and guidance. 


Through our managed IT services, we manage your entire IT setup, allowing you to focus on your business with the confidence that your IT systems are in capable hands. 

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services provide businesses with a hassle-free solution for their technology needs. As your dedicated technology partner, we take on the responsibility of overseeing, maintaining and optimizing your IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on what matters most without any technical hiccups.

Through Securus, you gain access to a team of experts who are available around the clock to address any technical queries and provide strategic guidance. This means you no longer have to worry about the complexities of managing IT systems in-house. The benefit of managed IT services lies in the seamless integration of comprehensive support, proactive maintenance and cutting-edge solutions. 

By outsourcing your IT management to Securus, you can streamline operations, enhance efficiency and ensure your technology is always up-to-date and secure. This not only simplifies the IT landscape for your business, but it also provides a cost-effective and scalable approach to overall technology management. 

managed it services Vancouver Washington

What We Do

Managed IT Services in Minnehaha

Managed IT is a broad service. At Securus, our Minnehaha managed IT services comprise:  


Cloud services 

IT consulting 

IT compliance 


We deliver experienced, innovative solutions and proactive 24/7/365 monitoring that ensure your data is in good hands.

Managed IT Services

Consider us your complete technology partner with a suite of services that will optimize, protect and grow your business.

Cloud Services

Our hosting and data backup & recovery services make collaboration easier and keep your most sensitive data safe.

IT Consulting

We have the expertise and insight to make your IT run more efficiently and your business grow more profitable.

IT Compliance

We’ll make sure you stay within your industry’s rules and regulations to help you avoid fines that can hurt your bottom line and reputation.

Network Security

Our security experts create a well-designed network security solution that protects your infrastructure and data from threats.

We are ready to assume responsibility for all areas of your IT infrastructure, so you never again have to worry about falling behind compliance or falling victim to a cyber attack.

Why Choose Managed IT Services from Securus?

Every business requires IT support, but why opt for Securus Systems for managed IT services instead of bringing on your own in-house IT team member? Here are some key advantages we can offer you:
IT experts
Our extensive network includes IT professionals with vast experience across all facets of IT infrastructure. Whatever your IT network looks like, we have the ability to help. 
Proactive strategies
We continuously enhance and upgrade your IT infrastructure to pre-emptively address potential issues, diverging from the reactive approach of waiting for problems to surface before taking action.
Scalable solutions
Our services evolve alongside your changing IT needs, ensuring that the level of support we provide aligns with your requirements.
Choosing our managed IT services is more cost-effective than recruiting and onboarding an internal team with comparable expertise, allowing you to optimize your budget for maximum efficiency.
Cybersecurity leaders
As industry leaders in cybersecurity, we deliver unparalleled protection against online threats.
managed it services Vancouver Washington

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Industries We Work With

Over the years, we have supported businesses across sectors. We confidently and diligently provide managed IT support to businesses in: 

  • Healthcare
  • Non-profit
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail


Communities We Serve

Our managed IT services span a wide area, including: 


  • Vancouver 
  • Hazel Dell 
  • Lake Shore 
  • Walnut Grove 
  • Five Corners 
  • Salmon Creek 
  • Orchards 
  • Barbeton 
  • Felida 


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